Best Steelhead Lures
Fishing for steelhead does not need to be a complicated as some anglers make it. Having a few basic steelhead[...]
Nightmare Jig for Steelhead
Despite it's odd color combination fishing the Nightmare Jig for steelhead is one of the most effective ways to snag[...]
Best Lake Trout Lures
Although spinning for small brook, brown and rainbow trout can be a lot of fun targeting large lake trout from[...]
Best Trout Bait for Stocked Trout
​Although stocked trout might be easier to catch than a wild trout they can still offer great fishing. Just because[...]
Marabou Jigs for Trout – Tips and Tricks
​Fishing with marabou jigs for trout has to be one of the best ways to land a trophy fish. Unfortunately[...]
Best Trout Lures for Rivers and Streams
Nothing is quite as rewarding as throwing small lures on light tackle along small mountain streams and slow moving rivers.[...]
Trout Jigs – Tips and Tricks
Fishing a trout jig is a little different than working a spinner or trolling with a large crankbait. Jigs require a[...]
Kastmaster for Trout
​Over the years several lures have become 'the' classics for trout fishing . One such lure is the Acme Kastmaster[...]
Rooster Tail for Trout
​Look in almost any trout tackle box from the last fifty years and you are likely to find at least[...]
Best Trout Spinning Rod 2019
Throwing small lures on light line takes a certain amount of finesse. The best trout spinning rods will tend to[...]
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