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Our Mission

At Lake Ontario Outdoors our mission is to provide the very best information about fishing that can be found anywhere on the internet. Our main focus is on freshwater fishing for trout, walleye, salmon, steelhead, musky and bass. 

Our information draws on decades of personal experience across the USA, Canada and Europe. The information is provided in as a guide to help get you started, but we realize that there really is no substitute for getting out there and throwing your line in the water.

We would urge all angler to respect nature and always try to leave whatever spot you are fishing in better condition than you found it. That means picking up some trash, don’t disturb the native plants and trees, and stick to the trails on your walk in to help reduce erosion.   

Above all else have fun out there!

Contributing Writers

Donny Karr

Donny Karr

Donny is an avid outdoorsman and writer whose work has been featured in magazines and websites for nearly a decade.

He enjoys bass and crappie fishing in the many lakes around the southeast, as well as trout fishing in the streams and rivers of the Appalachian mountains.

Donny enjoys keeping up with the latest news and gear items in the fishing industry and is always looking forward to his next outdoor adventure.

You can catch Donny on Twitter: @DonnyKarr

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