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Best Line for Spinnerbaits

Best Line for Spinnerbaits

​Although line choice can and does come down to personal preferences some lures are best used with a certain type of fishing line.

Spinnerbaits sure do look strange with their large skirt and double blades.

Both of which cause a lot of drag when retrieved through the water. 

Because of this I tend to avoid a line with a lot of stretch.

​With a single hook lure it is better to know what is going on, so feedback through the line and rod tip is crucial.

This is why a spinnerbait rod should have a fast action plus a medium/heavy to heavy power rating.

​The best choice of fishing line for spinnerbaits is generally going to be flourocarbon. It has lower stretch than monofilament however if you are only working the short game then mono can be a decent substitute. 

Braid for me personally is far to visual. That being said how you fish a spinnerbait can have an influence on whether or not you use braid. If you are working them through a lot of thick weed cover the braid can be a better option.

If you only have braid or are used to it’s casting performance then always use a flourocarbon leader.

The problem with braid to flouro/mono knots is that they create a weak point.

Lot’s of anglers tend to over tighten the joining knot resulting in a high rate of breakages.

Braid works great as a good line for frog fishing when you need to cut through dense weeds but I tend to avoid it especially in clearer waters.

​Best Line for Spinnerbaits

​​1. Yo-Zuri Hybrid

​Strictly speaking Yo-Zuri Hybrid is not a true 100% flourocarbon fishing line. As the name suggests it is a hybrid line of flourocarbon and nylon.

It is a great low stretch, low visibility and small diameter line.

You get the low knot and tangle characteristis of a nylon line combined with the abrasion resistance, low stretch and sensitivity that a full flourocarbon line offers.

​It is also incredible value for money. A big 600 yard spool is peanuts compared to some of the other big brand name offerings out there.

The only real downside is that it has negative s that it has slightly higher memory than other flouro’s so make sure not to overspool your reel or it will come out in coils if you are not regularly using it.


  • ​Great sensitivity
  • Low stretch
  • Abrasion resistant

​2. Seaguar Invizx

​Seaguar Invizx certainly lives up to it’s name as it is extremely hard to see once in the water.

​Being a full flourocarbon line it is super low stretch and has great sensitivity.

​When compared to the Yo-Zuri Hybrid above it is probably the better casting line of the two as it is considerably less prone to coiling.

It sits nice and flat on the spool and will generally result in less backlashes. One of the main selling points of any flourocarbon line is just how robust it is.

Invizx is the type of line that can take a lot of beating and is highly abrasion resistant.


  • ​High knot strength
  • Low visibility
  • Stays supple even in low temperatures

​3. ​Sunline Super FC Sniper

​Just like the Seaguar Invizx above the Sunline Super FC Sniper flourocarbon line is super low at coiling or twisting once spooled onto your reel.

​A good spinnerbait line needs to be low stretch to help maintain sensitivity. And the Super FC Sniper is just that.

​It also casts really well for a flourocarbon as it lays down well on the spool. A poorly laying line will cause havoc with most baitcasters.

It is also quite highly rated when it comes to abrasion resistance so if you are working your spinnerbaits around or near submerged structures you can have a little more confidence in it.


  • ​Triple resin coating 
  • ​Good abrasion resistance
  • Good for working through cover
  • Updated October 18, 2021
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