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What Size Spinning Reel for Bass?

What Size Spinning Reel for Bass

​Whilst most anglers will run a baitcaster for most of their bass fishing a common question I often hear is “what size spinning reel for bass?”

If your aim is to use lighter rigs and lures then a spinning setup for bass may well be the best option, however there is no best size spinning reel for bass.

You need to match your rod, reel and line to the type and size of lure you are using and where exactly you will be fishing them.

​For example there is no point in using an ultralight setup if you are fishing in and around really thick weed cover as the rod will not have enough backbone to handle hauling a bass out from the weed.

And conversely you will find it very difficult to cast light lures on a bass fishing setup that is to heavy. 

Saying that if you are looking for an all rounder then the best size spinning reel for bass will be a 2500.

​What Size Spinning Reel for Bass?


A size 1000 spinning reel is what is considered and ultralight spinning reel. These reels are designed to be used with really light line. 

Monofilament in the 2 to 6 lbs range of breaking strain. They need to be paired with an ultralight spinning rod.

This type of setup is usually used when “finesse fishing” i.e. throwing really small and light lures in shallower waters.

They are commonly paired with an ultralight rod that is normally 6’6″ or under and has an ultralight power rating with a fast action.

They are commonly used as a trout reel for use in smaller rivers and streams.


The size 2500 is probably the best spinning reel for bass by size as it strikes a decent balance between light weight and still having a decent line capacity and drag system.

They will generally hold monofilament line up to 8 lbs and braid up to 12 lbs which are a good match to most light weight rigs and small lures.

​For a lot of anglers a size 2000 may well be a little too small and they would consider it an ultralight reel.

You can pair a 2500 size spinning reel with a 6’6″ to 7′ spinning rod with a light/medium power rating with a fast action.

The fast action is a must when using lighter gear as it gives a lot of tip sensitivity which is crucial when using lighter presentations and small single hook bait rigs.

This type of combo is really versatile and can be used with a good amount of lighter bait rigs and lures.


Once you hit a size 3000 then you get the added benefit of a larger spool.

A larger spool will generally mean less coiling of your line especially monofilament as it can have a pretty high memory depending on the brand.

​You will also get a lot less line twist when the reel has a large spool on it.

If you are targeting large bass near to thick cover then a higher breaking strain line is always a good idea.

Being able to spool your reel with 12 lb line can give you a lot more confidence than using much lighter setups.

  • Updated October 16, 2021
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