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Best Line for Drop Shot

Best Line for Drop Shot

​Drop shotting gives you the ability to present a soft plastic at a specific depth off the bottom. Being a finesse technique a lot of anglers can be confused as to what makes the best line for drop shot rigs.

Ultimately your line choice for most single hook rigs should be low stretch and drop shots are no different.

As a main line monofilament has too much stretch so that leaves braid and fluorocarbon.

​Whether you choose braid or fluorocarbon as you main line I would strongly suggest that you always use a fluorocarbon leader.

Braid is a lot limper than fluorocarbon and you need a bit of rigidity in your line when tying through your line.

Fluoro will also knot better when tying a hook part way up your leader and in comparison to braid it is virtually invisible.

  • Braid – good main line especially in thick cover
  • Fluorocarbon – perfect leader and main line in high visibility conditions or more open water

Best Line for Drop Shot

​1. Fluorocarbon

Fluoro makes is an excellent choice as a line for drop shotting as it is low stretch and pretty much invisible.

For finesse style fishing tactics that require you to set the hook quickly and need a lot of sensitivity to detect bites the fluoro is a superior choice to monofilament.

Monofilament by nature has a lot of in built stretch and a as a result of this stretch you will lose a lot of feedback through the rod.

It you are spending money on the best drop shot rod that you can afford then that money may well be going to waste if you choose to use mono as your main line.

Finesse style techniques more often that not rely on using a medium/light power rod that has a fast action.

Once you add stretch into the system then that fast action becomes a lot duller and you lose any kind of feedback that is required.

​Mono will also slow down your strike due to the stretch.

​When drop shotting due to the jigging nature of the technique you can end up with slack in the system on the drop.

Bass will often hit your drop shot baits as they fall so you need to have a pretty quick strike and really take up line quickly.

A stretchy line will slow your strike down and may result in lost fish so always be mindful of this.

​2. Braid

Braid has one advantage over fluoro as a fishing line for drop shot rigs in that it is much thinner for the same rating which allows it to slice through weeds much easier.

When working a lure around or in any kind of weed cover but particularly heavy weed cover braid is always the best choice.

It slices through thin weeds easily, when you are drop shotting in heavy weed the best option is to only drop the weight directly down from the tip as you will get way less weed on your rig.

This is really limited though and you may need to cast into cover. If so you need a line that can cut through weeds with ease and braid is that line.

Always run a fluorocarbon leader as it really helps to get your final six to even feet as clear as possible.

  • Updated October 18, 2021
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