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Best Ned Rig Rod – [Buyer’s Guide]

best ned rig rod

Of all of the available bass rigs the ned rig is undoubtedly suited to extremely light tackle. This type of bass fishing is generally called finesse fishing and using very light tackle in order to cast light lures.

​Most bass anglers probably do not own an ultralight spinning setup and may well probably dismiss these types of rods as being too light for bass.


Ned rigs work and their popularity is growing year on year!

Without the right tackle you will not cast these light soft plastics very far.

The Best Ned Rig Rods will have a fast action, light to medium/light power rating and be roughly 6’6 to 7′ feet in length

You’ll want to pair the rod above with a size 1000 or 2000 spinning reel and braided line in the 6 to 10 pound range with a fluorocarbon leader of roughly the same strength.

​​Why you choose either a light or a medium/light rod for ned rigs is that if you are working bass in and around heavy cover then you will need a rod with a bit of backbone to help haul them out of the cover.

Ultralight rods such as trout spinning rods are just that little bit too ​weak for bass in heavy weeds.

In open water where there are no obstructions or weed beds an ultralight is fine.

Also on an ultralight you might not set the hook as easily as when using a light or a light/medium powered rod blank as a ned rig rod..

​Best ​Ned Rig Rods

​1. Dobyns Rods Fury FR 702SF

​I’ve been fishing for a while and have put numerous rods to the test. But, in all my years, I’ve never used a rod that has performed as well as Dobyn’s Fury Series FR 702SF fast action spinning rod.

​This is by far one of the best Ned rig fishing rods I have ever used. ​You can consider this a semi-high-end rod despite its low price tag, because it can easily compete with any high-end fishing rod.

Not many other rod has even come close to beating the durability and sensitivity that this rod has.

One of the factors responsible for the Dobyn’s Fury Series FR 702SF rod’s sensitivity is its incredibly low weight.

The rod is light enough for all vibrations to be transmitted with ease throughout the stick. While using this rod, you will be amazed at how well you can detect a bite!

The lightweight also makes the rod very easy to carry around, which I always find useful on my fishing trips.

The rod features high modulus graphite blanks, a Fuji reel seat, and Kevlar wrapping.

All these features combine to make the product an incredibly lightweight yet sensitive and durable rod. The AA grade cork handle with a Hypalon butt provides a fantastic grip.

There’s no point in using various sensitive techniques for fishing if you don’t have the right equipment.

No matter how favorable all other factors, such as the weather, maybe, if you don’t have the right rod, fishing can quickly get frustrating.

I can always guarantee a good fishing day when I’m taking my Dobyns Fury Series FR 702SF rod with me.

​​2. Lew’s Speed Stick Finesse

​I tried a friend’s Lew’s Tournament Performance TP-1 Speed Stick Spinning Rod once to compare it to my old rod and was blown away by how well it performed! 

Lew’s are mostly known a a casting rod manufacturer but they are making serious strides with their spinning rods.

​My decision was made easier when I saw the price of the rod. You’d be amazed at the retail price of this rod. It is most definitely a steal. Believe it or not, this rod has proven to be one of the best Ned rig fishing rods for me. It looks great, feels great, and performs wonderfully.

Since I started using this rod, I’ve compared it to a bunch of other rods as well, to see if I could find something better. But to my amazement, no other rod has come close to giving me the same results as Lew’s Tournament Performance TP-1 rod.

I’ve caught some of my best catches with this rod, and after using it for so long, I can decipher which factors help it perform so well.

For starters, the rod comes with an American tackle microwave guide System. 

This helps to eliminate wind knots and improve both casting distance and accuracy. I’ve used the rod in bad weather conditions as well and was surprised to find that the rod still retained its casting accuracy.

The rod is made from IM8 graphite blanks, which make it lightweight and sensitive yet durable.

Lew’s exclusive skeletal SoftTouch graphite reel seats are lightweight and allow transmission of vibrations as well.

A Winn’s super-comfortable Dri-Tac grip handles provide the ultimate control while casting. Even if you have wet hands, the hold that the handles of this rod provide is unparalleled.

The best part is that the rods come in a wide variety, and you can select one according to which fishing technique you use. I use Ned rigs​ a lot and bought the one rod especially suited for it, and so far, it has been my favorite rod for bass fishing!

​3. ​St Croix Premier

​Being a bass angler means that I am particular about nearly every aspect of my rod. I don’t mind being called finicky; I just want a great rod.

St Croix are ​known for making some of the highest quality rod blanks especially when it comes to spinning rods.

​It is, therefore, safe to say that I’m not easily impressed by every rod that comes my way. However, the one rod that did manage to blow me away was St Croix’s Premier spinning rod.

This is one highest quality ned rig ​rods I have ever come across. I love fishing with Ned rigs, but I could never find a good rod to help me get a great catch with these rigs. 

That is until I stumbled upon St Croix premier rods. These rods are simple yet powerful and tick all the right boxes when it comes to fishing with Ned rigs.

The light-to-medium rod is made with SCII graphite, which provides excellent strength, power, and durability to the rod.

Other than being rugged, the rod also manages to stay lightweight and highly sensitive.

This is because of the durable and hard aluminum-oxide guides and double-plated black chrome frames spanning the blanks individually.

The Fuji TCS reel seats on the rod are well balanced and stable. The handles are premium grade and made with top quality cork to provide a comfortable grip.

The entire rod has two coats of Flex Coat finish, which can last for up to five years!

​4. Shimano ​Zodias Spinning Rod

​SHIMANO Zodias rods are well known in the fishing community for their innovative nature and casting accuracy.

​No other rod has come close to the performance that my SHIMANO rod gives me, especially with Ned rigs.

Therefore, I can tell you from experience that this is one of the best ​rods currently on the market. I have yet to find a rod that has the same balance between power, sensitivity, and weight that my Zodias rod has.

​These rods are constructed especially for bass anglers and are made with advanced Hi-Power X Blanks for a more efficient and effective transfer of power.

The rod is fine-tuned to be as responsive and sensitive as possible and transfers vibrations excellently throughout its length.

SHIMANO uses Fuji SiC and Semi-Micro Alconite K Guides, which make its Zodias rods lightweight and allows smooth passing through of knots.

The rod contains a custom CI4+ reel seat, which helps to enhance the sensitivity further. The EVA handle grips are comfortable to hold and control the rod with, even while wrestling with larger fish.

​Most bass anglers are unsure whether they should stick to traditional rods or go for more innovative ones. I was faced with the same dilemma as well.

Traditional rods are more trustworthy, but you can never deny how well a new-age rod works either. SHIMANO’s Zodias rods are the perfect balance between conventional and innovative rods.

I find that they have all the qualities that are generally found in traditional, old fashioned rods such as strength and durability, and new features such as improved casting accuracy and distance, and sensitivity.

​If you want to try more technique sensitive fishing, then you should definitely try SHIMANO’s light-medium Zodias spinning rods. All the features on this rod are well-thought and beyond impressive, making the rod a popular choice with the bass anglers in my community.

​5. ​St Croix Avid

​St Croix rods are generally considered to be an all-time favorite in the fishing community. Their 6’6” light-to-medium rods are perfectly suited for use as a ned rig rod.

 What I love about this rod is that it has a bit more backbone compared to other rods in the same category. Yet it is soft enough to allow light jigs to be loaded on the rod as well. The rod is quite sensitive and responsive and transfers vibrations well. 

I’ve caught my best fish, a 17-inch long largemouth bass, with my 6’6” St Croix spinning rod. 

The proprietary high-grade SCIII graphite, and Integrated Poly Curve technology that the rod is made of, lends it excellent strength and durability, while still allowing the rod to be lightweight and sensitive.

The Fuji Concept Guide System with black frames and Alconite rings provides exceptional smoothness to the rod.

The Fuji DPS reel seat is well balanced, and the double coat of flex-coat slow cure finish can easily last for more than five years! The handles on this rod are soft and comfortable and made with select-grade cork.

 The price isn’t too high either, and the rod has a strong warranty backing it as well. Besides this, St Croix rods even look great! Not a lot of companies pay too much attention to the aesthetics of a fishing rod. However, St Croix makes sure that all of their rods not only perform well but look sleek too. 

I’ve been using my 6’6” rod for a while, and it’s the best rod in my collection. I absolutely love how it gives me a great casting distance and is light enough for me to feel all vibrations and movements while fishing.

 Although it’s pretty light, the rod is quite durable as well. I’m always a happy camper when I go fishing with this rod. 

​6. ​Fenwicks Eagle Spinning Rod

​I’ve always loved Fenwick’s fishing rods. They’re the pioneers of graphite rods and have been continuously finding new ways to ensure that their equipment stays a class apart.

With well over 60 years of experience in the fishing industry, Fenwick really knows its stuff and is continuously improving its rods.

I’ve always loved Fenwick’s fishing rods. They’re the pioneers of graphite rods and have been continuously finding new ways to ensure that their equipment stays a class apart. With well over 60 years of experience in the fishing industry, Fenwick really knows its stuff and is continuously improving its rods.

As an avid bass angler, my favorite rod from Fenwick has to be the 7’ medium/light spinning rod. ​I have come across a couple of good rods for casting Ned rigs. But no rod could ever beat the performance I get from my Fenwick Eagle 7’ spinning rod.

First and foremost, let’s talk about this rod’s durability and low weight! The rod’s guides are made from premium quality stainless steel and have chromium-plated SS304 inserts. This makes the rod strong yet lightweight and corrosion-resistant.

​A lot of other rods that fall into the same category are made with heavier metals, causing significant fatigue after only a few casts. Thankfully, this is not the case with Fenwick’s Eagle Spinning rods, which are lightweight enough to allow you to cast as many times as you like without feeling tired.

The reel seat is well balanced, and the burled cork handles are chip resistant and durable. Compared to foam handles, they also allow better transmission of vibrations.

You can cast very light lures to great lengths with this ultra-lightweight rod and still get good casting accuracy. A feat that very few rods have been able to master.

These 7’ medium/light rods by Fenwick are the gold standard in fishing rods when it comes to spinner rods for Ned rigs. They’re lightweight, durable, reliable, and still incredibly affordable.

​7. Cashion Elite Finesse

​I’ve been using Cashion’s Elite Series Spinning Finesse 7’6’ rod for quite a while now and am highly impressed by its performance. I have never had a rod deliver such excellent performance while casting Ned rigs before.

For me, this rod has been one of the greatest Ned rig fishing rods I have ever come across. Although the rod may not be as popular as some of its other contenders, it is a dark horse compared to other rods in the same category.

Having the right equipment makes a huge difference while fishing, especially if you’re fishing with light tackle such as a Ned rig.

Cashion’s Elite Series Spinning rods have excellent tips to improve casting accuracy. All while retaining the ability to reel in a big catch hooked by a light wire hook.

The rod has a strong yet sensitive backbone with adequate flexibility, which prevents it from snapping when wrestling big fish. It is made of uni-directional wrapped carbon-fiber blanks that transmit vibrations well, making the rod both responsive and sensitive.

This ensures that you are immediately able to detect when your lure comes into contact with a catch.

Cashion’s Elite Series Spinning rods utilize premium Fuji Micro Guides to make the rod as lightweight as possible.

The Fuji Blank Exposed Reel Seats ensure that the vibrations can be transmitted easily to your fingertips. A split carbon fiber grip handle provides maximum comfort without dampening any of the vibrations.

Although the Ned rig rod by Cashion is said to be Medium-Fast, it has specialized blanks that can handle all sizes of fishing Ned rigs ranging from 1/32 to ⅜ oz — making it extremely versatile to work with!

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