Orleans Fishing Hotline 3/6/13

Mike Waterhouse

Today is Wednesday, March 06, 2013.

The weather forecast for the rest of this week and into the first part of next week is for temperatures to be above freezing each day but then dropping below freezing at night.

With little or no precipitation in the forecast, all of the tributaries within Orleans County should return to moderate flows with 1 to 2 feet of visibility.

These conditions should cause fresh fish to migrate thru the tributaries and with warming water temperatures, become more active.

Along with the warming temperatures comes the normal late winter-early spring runoff and the entry of debris into our tributaries, so be mindful of what is flowing towards you while fishing.

Even with the rollercoaster temperatures that we have experienced recently, decent catches of both Brown trout and Steelhead/Rainbow trout are being reported on our tributaries.

Live baits seem to offer the most success whether by itself or tipping your favorite fly.

With the disappearing ice on our tributaries Perch fishing should soon be on the upswing again but nothing steady has been seen so far.

Let’s make everyday a great fishing day, right here in Orleans County.

Mike Waterhouse
Sportfishing Coordinator - Tourism


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