Fishing Report

Jay Peck

Most of you know that I spend my summer's fishing the trout streams. Finally we got bugs. More importantly water flows in all of our trout streams are finally down to ideal fishing levels.  It has been a historic wet spring, but finally everything seems to be falling into order. This also includes the trout waters of the Catskill Mountains.  The Beaver Kill and the West Branch of the Delaware, plus all of the rest of the trout streams in the region are in excellent fishing condition.  However the weather forecast this week is for a couple of days with scattered thunderstorms.  Hopefully these storms will have little effect on the water flows.
Our local trout streams now have their Sulfur hatch underway.  Along with the Sulfur's there are also Gray Foxes, March Browns and Blue Wing Olives hatching.  In addition, there are also several different types of caddis hatching along with these May Fies.  You will most likely notice additional bug's hatching, other than the ones that I mentioned depending on where you are fishing.
On a typical day most of these hatches start mid to late afternoon and in the evenings when the conditions are favorable, calm winds and air temperatures above 60°.  You can expect to see a spinner return.  For now, most of the time, morning fishing is not going to be as productive.  We have been concentrating our fishing effort from mid afternoon until dark.
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