DSR Salmon River Report

Douglaston Salmon Run

A Few Big Browns!

For the first few hours of the morning fishing was steady from top to bottom. After the sun started hitting the water though, movement slowed down in the bottom end while the middle and upper sections saw steady movement of small pods of fish throughout the day. A fair number of big browns were landed along with a few steelhead. Copper stone flies #6-8, chartreuse nuke eggs #8, estaz eggs #8 in orange or peach were effective flies. Blue egg sacks under a float also did a fair amount of damage on the kings and browns alike. Lows in the 40’s tonight should put a nice chill in the water and spur at least some sort of movement tomorrow morning.

Steady All Day

From start to finish, our guests reported steady action. Not quite the all-out run we saw yesterday but there were only smiles and handshakes to be shared at the end of the day. Once again most of the catch consisted of fresh kings but there were a few brown trout and a coho or two mixed in. Guests and river walkers alike reported a pile of fish still to come in the estuary. Lets hope the cooler temps and rain tonight keep them coming!

Second Day In A Row!

For the second day in a row fishing was as good as it gets down on the run. Our gets reported non-stop action from dawn to dusk on bright chrome kings. One guide told us today “this is definitely not a pod, this is a run”. Many other guests mentioned the size and power of the fish to us as they made their way back to the vehicle to exchange a broken pole with a spare! Be sure to bring one if you’re on your way up. Fish were caught on purple popsicles #4, black/olive wooly buggers #6, and pink crystal meth egg patterns #6-8.


All The Right Conditions

Some days we wind up scratching our heads and other days it just seems obvious. This morning had all the right conditions for another pod to start its journey up the river and that’s exactly what we’re seeing. A fresh pod of kings in the estuary yesterday along with a cold rainy night has combine for some great fishing down on the run already this morning. Fishermen are reporting plenty of action; “everyone is hooked-up around me” one guest reported. Another has told us a small pod of cohos has begun their typical up and down routine. Lets hope the action keeps up!

Head Shake and Hold On!

Fishing was simply fantastic down on the run today. Guests played with lots and lots of fresh tackle busting kings. One guest told me this evening “it was head shake and hold on!” Another said “I hooked a fish on my first two casts and nearly every other cast thereafter”. Successful patterns today included black ESL’s #6, olive wooly buggers #6, white or pink zonkers #4, and a varity of egg patterns #6-10. There’s no guarantee that they’ll be there like this again in the morning however another very cool night and several late reports of fish in the estuary would suggest that tomorrow could also be good. We’ll have to find out in the morning!

See you on the river!

River Walker Orientation

Fishing improved slightly down on the run today. However, for our guests fishing the estuary by boat, conditions improved quite a bit. A few good pods of fresh kings were sighted roaming the flat water and our guests reported steady action. The cool nights and days ahead of us should keep at least a few of them coming up into the river. 
We would also like to welcome our incoming river walkers. Today was orientation day for the new recruits. The 8 hour course covered topics like river safety and stewardship, fishing ethics and regulations, stream-side demonstrations, and many others. In addition, we would like to express our appreciation to all of the returning river walkers who helped in arranging the course and carrying it out. Great job by all!


Boy Scouts visit for the Welcome Center Grand Opening

A special thanks to the Boy Scouts that visited us for our Welcome Center Grand Opening Celebration on Friday. The scouts made the trek from PA to do some lake and stream fishing. Thanks again Troop 333 from St. Lawrence, PA and Troop 52 from Marshallton, PA.


Better Fishing Ahead

Once again, there is not much to report today. Afternoon thunderstorms got a few fish moving late but for now there is sure to be better fishing ahead of us. We will be sure to keep everyone posted when conditions change.

Just A Handful

Conditions remained the same down on the run today with just a handful of kings caught. Surprisingly, a steelhead or two was mixed in. Natural colored flies or egg patterns were the most successful and the steelhead succumbed to pink egg sacks. Hopefully a few more fish will be moving tomorrow.




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